The Uptio Platform

Redefining Planning through Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML), Modernised Planning, And Fast Access to Data. 

Technical Overview& Architecture

The Uptio platform has been created to scale with your business. 

Cloud foundation

Cloud-First Architecture

Enjoy the power of serverless computing. Built on the secure Snowflake Cloud you can rest assured that your data is safe.  

Dynamic Scaling

Uptio adapts to your requirements seamlessly. It has the ability to scale based on user needs, improving performance. 


Time To Value

Uptio’s pre-defined connectors and automatic ingestion of data means that you can gain access to the power of AI/ML in minutes. 

Your PersonalData Analyst

AI/ML Engine

The in-built AI/ML engine is continuously learning and adapting to your business to produce predictions, recommendations and insights.


Interact with Uptio's Virtual Planning Assistant which acts as your personal team of Data Science Analysts. Ask questions, command actions and build data-driven plans.


Uptio automatically pre-defines your models (by business unit) during integration and gives users the ability to easily structure their data for planning.

Vexpa chat

Future Analysis

Simulate what-if scenarios and run complex queries with ease. Be confident in your predictions and decisions with the knowledge that Uptio's machine-learning algorithms are based on your data.

Data Correlation

Discover meaningful correlations within your data. Uptio can identify patterns and drivers within your data by analysing the relationships between variables.


Take advantage of Uptio's notebook-style reporting which can assist with storytelling, and provide a rich context to plans and forecasts.


Our Pioneering On-Demand Chatbot Serves As Your Personal AI Planning Assistant.

The Uptio chatbot leverages your data to answer questions, offer recommendations, and uncover new insights, empowering you to create more precise plans. 

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